Silpada Vs Lia Sophia - A Fast Comparison of These Two Giants


Silpada Vs Lia Sophia - A Fast Comparison of These Two Giants

When it involves hosting and throwing jewelry partys, 2 complete names come back to mind: Silpada Jewellery and Lia Sophia.

I have seen discussion threads regarding each of these companies and when comparing the 2 it looks like both firms have their blessings and draw backs.

Silpada's draw back is that it's a little a bit more expensive compared to Lia Sophia. Although, the standard is generally pretty sensible, the jewelry is advertised as silver .925 and is hand made (certainly sterling but I'm not sure concerning the handcrafted part?). Several believe that they are getting what they pay for. Unfortunately for many Silpada will be a very little on the expensive aspect for many, which is a vital purpose to keep in mind.

Lia Sophia's draw back is that many see the jewelry as less-expensive fashion jewelry. The materials used are a very little completely different so many read this jewelry as a lower-quality, however this should not deter you. All Lia Sophia jewelry pieces come back with an unconditional lifetime replacement guarantee. The worth is right for many so you would possibly like the style items from Lia Sophia for this very reason.

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A cloth difference between Silpada and Lia Sophia is the utilization of electroplating, that LS does. Silpada as mentioned previously is pure .925 sterling silver.

Of course there are other corporations out there but by way these 2 are the leaders. Whole recognition is important if you are going to urge into the biz side of both of these jewellery party companies. It can create the difference between an entire ton of sales and just a little amount or none at all.

The starter kits for each vary in worth as well. I suppose Lia Sophias starter kit is somewhere around $a hundred (last I heard it had been $129 I believe). Silpada charges $199 for certification and their most well-liked starter kit runs a whopping $850. So if you just wish to get your feet wet I might go along with the corporate with the lesser investment amount - you might not even finish up commiting to the business side when all.

When deciding which company is true for you it in reality comes down to private taste. Which jewelry does one appreciate the best and that do you think that you simply'd feel comfortable promoting to other people? A personal testimonial cannot be faked, therefore it is vital to go with a style that you'd actually wear around yourself.